Hello Flyers!

In order to facilitate the Ministy Covid protocols, the students have been broken in to "Houses" with separate recess and lunch period times. If you need to pick a student up from school, we ask you to please come before or after these times (below). As some of you have already experienced, it can take a significant amount of time to find students on the yard.

As was last year, any pick ups that need to happen before the 3:40pm dismissal must be before 3:15pm. Dismissal times are staggered and it is difficult to track classes who are in transition. After 3:15pm you will have to pick your child up from the field.

Lastly, the procedure for signing out a child: Currently, students do not wait in the office, they stay in their class until we call them down. Please come to the front door and buzz the office to let us know you are here to pick up your child. You may want to come a few minutes early because it takes time for them to come from the class, especially if you are picking up a primary student. As always, please make sure to send a note to the teacher.


AM Recess: 10:00am - 10:20am

Lunch 11:40am - 12:20pm Outside 12:20pm - 12:40pm Eat Inside

PM Recess: 2:00pm - 2:20pm


Mr. Ahola Ms. Clements Mrs. Collins/Mrs. Marra

Ms. Duignan Mrs. Finlay Mrs. Hearty

Mrs. Kearney Mrs. MacInally Mrs. McCoy

Mr. Milne Mrs. Petch Mr. Plazek

Ms. Reesor Mrs. Turner/Mrs. Chmielewski


AM Recess: 10:40am - 11:00am

Lunch: 12:20pm - 12:40pm Eat Inside 12:40pm - 1:20pm Outside

PM Recess: 2:40pm - 3:00pm


Mrs. Baird Mr. Bradley Mrs. Clarke

Mrs. Cogliano Mrs. Dalton Mrs. Deschamps/Mrs. Olsen

Mrs. Fleming Mr. Fulton Ms. Furlani

Ms. Hadjianastasiou Mrs. Hilts Mr. Hughes

Mr. Mundy Mrs. Powers Mr. Riberio

Mr. Schraner/Mrs. Hirschfeld

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

Whether your child is planning to attend in school or online, we are excited to begin a new year! The information contained in this letter will help prepare students for returning to the school. Those who will be attending the virtual school can expect further information from the staff of the virtual school.

We have been working with the school staff to prepare for your child’s return and we will be working together with you to reduce any concerns our students may have. Please take some time to read this carefully and to prepare your child/ren for the updated routines.

Before reporting to school EACH DAY, all staff and students must pass the COVID-19 school and childcare screening. Please bookmark this link to assist you in the morning.

All students in grades 1 to 8 must wear a mask that fully covers their mouth and nose while indoors and students in Kindergarten are strongly encouraged to do so. Medical exemptions for masking must be supported by a doctor’s letter. Those students who have exemptions on file do NOT need to re-submit their information.

In addition to regular hand washing with soap and water, hand sanitizer is provided for each classroom and students will be instructed to sanitize upon entry and exit.

Arrival to school is at 9AM and classes begin promptly at 9:15. Prompt, regular attendance is a critical factor for student success. In addition to Opening Exercise, routines, instructions and opportunities are announced at the start of the day; please help your child get off to a great start.

Arrival on Sept. 7th (Grades 1-8 only):

Grade 1 students will meet their teachers on the yard (consider a label with your child’s teacher’s name for young or shy students so that we may assist in directing them). Their kindergarten teachers will also be present to assist with the transition. Students in grades 2-8 will proceed directly to their classroom as they did last year. Staff will be providing assistance for students who are unsure of the location of their classroom.

After their first day: All students will proceed directly to their classrooms upon arrival. Kindergarten students will be contacted by their teachers on Sept. 7th or 8th and details for their arrival will be shared then.

Our Kiss & Ride lane (at the front of the school) is open from 9-9:15 however, we ask for your cooperation in ensuring an efficient movement of vehicles. Staff may open vehicle doors but all students must be able to manage disembarking independently. Should a student require assistance to disembark, please park at a distance from the school and walk the student to the property. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain physical distance.

Students arriving by bus will be dropped off in the bus loop where staff will be available to provide direction to the appropriate entry door.

Students who walk to school will proceed to the appropriate entry door and will be offered assistance if unsure of their designated door.

Student dismissal will continue to be staggered to accommodate distancing among cohorts. This means some students may be exiting the building up to 15 minutes before the end of day bell and it will be important that they are dressed for the weather (raincoats/ umbrellas/mittens/hats/etc.)

In keeping with our staggered exit times we are NOT able to call students from their classrooms after 3:15PM. If an early dismissal is needed, please make arrangements early in the day. It is preferable that students remain in class until the end of day if at all possible.

Parents will be able to wait for their children on the field (while maintaining physical distancing) however, parents will not be able to walk through the bus zone and must park on the East side of the school and follow the sidewalk to the field.

Visitors/parents/guardians are not permitted in the school. Please contact us through the office, (905-623-6255) and we will be happy to arrange a phone meeting with you.

Due to the restriction on visitors, it is important that all students bring their lunch with them. Students will remain seated at their own desks during the lunch period as they will be removing their masks.

We are a growing community and it’s important to reduce the disruptions to classrooms. Access to the school remains very limited and we appreciate your understanding that we CANNOT accept drop off of forgotten items or delivery of lunches (exceptions would be emergency medications). Please ensure that your child is prepared for the day by keeping extra labelled clothes (mittens, socks, undergarments, pants) in their backpack or in the class and by dressing for the weather (raincoat, boots, hats, mittens, snow pants). We will spend as much time outside as possible for mental and physical wellness.

Who will my teacher be? We know students are eager to learn who their teachers will be. As in past years, you will be able to access the School Look Up utility through the PVNC website on Friday, September 3rd. You will need your child’s PIN in order to view the information. The PIN will be sent by the school board. Please note that despite our best efforts to finalize class lists, we are experiencing a surge in registrations which means that changes to class placements are still possible should new classes be added.

Students are to minimize sharing materials therefore we are requesting that each student supply their own pencil case. Teachers will be in touch with families to let you know what basic tools each student will need.

Please have your child return any borrowed devices, textbooks and resources you may still have in your home.

Our school board does maintain an open Bring Your Own Device policy and students may wish to bring their personal devices for use at school. The school can not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal devices. For families wishing to purchase a Chromebook, the Board has a partnership with Staples who offer Chromebooks at BYOD program discounts. While the current models in the link below might be out of date or no longer available, the program is in place. Families can take the flyer into the selected Staples stores to obtain the discount.

Staples Flyer

Beneath the masks, we are smiling in anticipation of your return to learning!

On behalf of all the staff at Holy Family, have a fantastic weekend,

Mme Charette, Principal & Mme Matthews, Vice-Principal